The store is in an old Nissen hut that was once a part of the first store in Hvolsvöllur many years ago. The building draws attention for those who travel through the town. We try to offer wide range of Icelandic design and Icelandic products.  The main focus is on products from our region and handmade products, unique products that we believe can make your life more interesting.

The icelandic wool has always been important in the lives of Icelanders, it was prerequisite for people to keep them warm in Iceland in the old days. Even today it is still important and popular as a material in clothing.
Icelandic heritages to create functional objects and ornaments, using bones and skins of animals, driftwood and rocks, plants and flowers to stay alive and enjoy life in the old days. We want to keep this heritage alive and invite people to enjoy the best that Iceland has to offer.


Here you can see few photos from inside our store